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With age and use, animals joints (like ours!) suffer from wear and tear. And high performance work, excessive exercise, and even being overweight, can speed up the process. Sooner or later, most pets and horses will suffer from some degree of arthritis.

Cosequin is a supplement designed to slow down the development and onset of arthritis, giving aging joints a break, and supporting athletic performance.

It’s the worldwide number 1 joint supplement and even has extensive research to support its effects. It is the most pure, containing the highest quality ingredients and is manufactured to human pharmaceutical standards.

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Cosequin helps to provide the building blocks of the lubricating joint fluid, and of the “natural teflon” that lines the joint surfaces: chondroitin sulphate, glucosamine hydrochloride & manganese sulphate. All three active ingredients are proven individually and work together – so the effect of all three in the product is maximised.

Cosequin should be used as part of a joint management programme in conjunction with weight monitoring and controlled exercise for your pet, or as a support for bladder health in cats under the guidance of your vet.

We stock the whole Cosequin range, for dogs, cats and horses - help protect joints today!

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